7 Delicious Free-From Foods That Burn Fat & Are Good For U


Citrus fruits are the ones that are high in vitamin C; these largely include oranges, lemons, berries, peach, grapes, etc. These foods help break down fatty acids by producing Carnitine, which oxidise fat. Eat these raw or as juices!

All the members of berries family are great source of vitamin C and can help a great deal to burn excessive fat from different parts of your body!

Brown Rice:

Brown rice is rich in fiber and high source of energy. Because of its high Fiber content, it lets in more water into your body and keeps your digestive system perfect; as a result, it helps in losing weight.


This super-food has high nutritive value. It has all the important nutrients, like vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and most importantly fiber! Consume broccoli regularly and see yourself change within a few days!


This is a wonder-fruit! They say it is full of good fat that burns the bad one from your tummy. Actually, it is rich in MUFA, i.e., monounsaturated fats and aids in weight loss.

Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and aids in weight loss. If possible, include it in your regular diet and see the wonders!

Green Tea:

Everybody knows the benefits of green tea. It is rich in antioxidants that help remove free radicals from the body, and aid in weight loss. Consume it on a regular basis to expedite your weight loss process!


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