The Herbal Remedy for Water Retention and a Flatter Belly Around Your Stomach

I love herbal remedies.
They are my favourite kind of self-love.
Here is a fabulous recipe for creating a home-made tea to tackle water retention and, in time, achieve a flatter belly around your stomach.
Drink this cold or hot depending on the season and your mood :)
Enjoy it over ice and with a straw for happy summer days!

If you press a finger on your stomach and then release, does the skin take a little while to go back to its natural colour? If the answer to this is yes, it may be a sign that you have water retention around your stomach. 

Suggested Diet: FreeFrom, moderately high on lean protein, low on carbohydrate, and low on artificial added fats.

Main Herb: Dandelion
Dandelion is a naturally diuretic herb which aids the production of urine and increases positive liver function.

It will remove the water retained in your body as well as general toxines, targeting the 'bloated area' which is usually around your abdominals. 
Dandelion combined with some herbs and spices will help you achieve a lighter and less bloated result, and taste exotic! 
As always, for best results, please combine this tea with exercise. Crunches are a great exercise in combination with this tea.

Ingredients (for 3 cups of tea):
45 drops of Dandelion
5 Cardamom seeds
25 Cinnamon drops
8 Mint leaves
4 pieces of chopped Ginger
800ml of water
2tbsp of Pure Bee Honey (this is optional: add for a sweeter natural taste)

How to:
Add all ingredients to a pot and let boil for 8-10 minutes.
Then remove from hob and sieve through to a tea pot.
You can have up 2-4 cups of this tea per day.

Enjoy! x

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