Chestnut Mushroom Risotto

White Wine, Mushrooms, Garlic, Oil, Bay Leaf, Salt, Brandy, Onion, Risotto Rice, Vegetable Stock, Fresh Parsley.

How to cook it:
First we are going to cook the mushrooms:
In a pan, add the sliced mushrooms, a dash of white wine, a clove of garlic, a drizzle of oil, a bay leaf, a pinch of salt, and a splash of brandy to add a sweet aromatic taste.
Cook the mushrooms on a high heat, so they release their water and then will reabsorb it.
Once they have re-absorbed it fully, switch off and leave to one side.

Now let's cook the risotto:
Stir Fry the chopped up shallot. Add the risotto rice and toast it. 
(click here for help with measuring risotto rice portions:
Add white wine, and let it evaporate. Add the broth made with water and vegetable stock until the rice is fully covered. Leave to simmer. 
If the risotto water starts to be all soaked up by the rice or evaporating, and the rice grain is still hard, you need to add more broth. The result at the end should be of a soft rice grain without any water left in the pan, so add the water slowly and keep stirring to allow for the whole rice grain to absorb the water.
Once it's nearly cooked, add the mushrooms to the risotto pan.
Stir well until everything is cooked, ready and . If needed add some salt.
Once you are happy with the texture, serve immediately and season with some black pepper and some fresh parsley. Enjoy!

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