My Favourite Christmas Present

The holidays are nearly over, we have welcomed 2015 and how much fun we have had!
Now is the time to look through all the presents you have received and find a place for each of them.

In 2014 I believe I have been complaining quite a lot about the lack of freefrom breakfast choices. Ofcourse I always have my smoothie first thing and I am grateful for it as it gives me the boost of energy I need to brave walking out of the door each morning and commute for an hour to work.

However, when I finally reach my office, and it starts getting to about mid-morning, I would love to have cereals with almond milk. Ofcourse, cereals have always been out of the question, but recently I have discovered what has this year become my favourite Christmas present:

Nature's Path Organic Gluten Free - Mesa Sunrise.
Multigrain cereal flakes made with organic corn, flax, quinoa and amaranth.

They are delicious - contain about 250kcal (per 55g of serving plus 100ml of almond milk) - and they seem like a wonderful solution to my mid-morning breakfast.

You can find them in any big UK supermarket (Tesco, Sainsburys etc, as well as most health food retailers). They sell at £2.75 but are worth it.

So, here we are... enjoy them!

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