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"We are but the beginning of a worldwide food & drink revolution" 

- Giulia Messa.

Are you living with food intolerances and allergies? 
I am hoping to deliver Free Smiles from FreeFrom food.
Looking for completely FreeFrom, HomeMade and Delicious recipes to ease your cooking & eating nightmares? This is the place for you.

Me - Giulia:
An Italian expat businesswoman and city girl currently living in London, with a serious food intolerance. I have no time to fiddle with strange grains and weird free-from food. I am not a millionaire, so I haven't got enough money or time to spend on expensive free-from what-I-like-to-call: 'stuff'.
All I have are local super/markets, limited cooking time and a passion for good food.
I have bought all the diet books and free-from recipe books, but in my opinion, they are a fraud. They are great to look at, and even give you the motivation to be better with your food. But, they end up being totally useless for busy and normal human beings. These free-from recipe books still use ingredients which you may be allergic/intolerant to but you just dont know it or have not yet been told. The ingredients they use, let's face it, you would never find in a normal supermarket, or even sometimes on earth. The end result is a really pasty, sticky and tasteless gu. They exist only to make our life more unbearable. After some trials (give yourself a pat on the back for giving it a couple of tries), frustrated, you end up shelving the book and munching on GF cereal (since you are positively starving by now) whilst trying to dish up a relatively healthy yet not great alternative.
I have 25 years of personal experience in this field, and most importantly, an amazing Italian family, who understand the difficulties I have with food. 
I have therefore decided that too many of you are suffering from these intolerances, and too many end up eating tasteless, boring and expensive food (sometimes also a bit weird and quite vile tasting). So I am sharing these recipes with you, hoping it will make life a little easier on the food front. These are all recipes which I have easily made for myself, and have enjoyed eating! So they have all been personally tried and tested.
Feel free to leave comments as I welcome new types of intolerances and allergies and will provide you with tailored recipes just for you.

Have you gained weight and do you feel bloated? It may all just be down to what you are eating.
I have been through it all. 
Since I was a baby, I have had an endless list of intolerances and allergies, paired with an endless list of foods I don't like. When you look at what is left, your panic levels rise considerably, as you may never eat again.
But this is all just a result of the way we are living, the things we are most exposed to, what is most at reach to us.
For years, we have been spoon-fed false information about our lifestyle, our mind and our body. 
Yet these all work together to feel balanced, and the best way to start is through your mouth.
When I speak to people about my intolerances mostly in a take-away cafe (when I am accompanying a friend - certainly not for myself!), in a restaurant, in the office, or wherever really. It usually goes something like: 
'No sorry, I can't eat that, I'm intolerant to dairy. 
No, I can't have that either, it contains gluten. 
Can't have coke, it's too acidic. 
Does this smoothie contain orange? Because I can't have that.' 
This is a very typical conversation.
It usually ends with a very dazzled person opposite me, which rather quickly changes to a bewildered and quite pathetic look of sympathy who says to me: 
'Well, what do you eat then?'
Very simple. 
I take the most delicious recipes, and simply remove and/or replace ingredients which I cannot have. If I replace them, it's with other every day ingredients, so as to obtain the same high standard quality result.
This is so easy and it means I can actually eat most things. But it has taken me almost 7 years of trial and error cooking to figure it out. So don't beat put yourself down too much if this is your motivation to get started - because you really should have started a few years ago - Now is better than ever!
Your lifestyle change can start through your diet. However you do have to help it and sustain it through channeling and finding yourself towards a path of complete wellbeing inside and out.
 Here are some treatments and activities which I have found useful throughout the years:
 Energising & Balancing Massages, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Cupping, Crystal Therapy Energetic Medicine Treatments and Yoga. (For more information on where I get these treatments please contact me on and I can recommend you directly)
Follow my blog and discover the delicious world of Free-From, Home-Made, and Delicious eating. From breakfast, to lunch, snacking to dinner to drinks. Tailored to all palates, and dietary preferences. They are all made with ingredients found in your local supermarket, or even at home (depending on how varied your current diet is - and how often you re-stock your cupboard!). I have been denied many more food items and yet, I still manage to make delicious meals three times a day.
For your information here is the list of all my intolerances. 
Along with these, there are quite a lot of things I simply don't like - this doesn't help my cause, but I have proven that I can eat well, and varied, all Free-From, Home-Made and Delicious.
Of course, everything I cook and eat contains none of the below. In some of my recipes I will give you the option to add some ingredients which you may choose to avoid (eg. black pepper, white wine *usually when given the chance to evaporate before eating*, soya, egg, sugar) but as with everything, please do apply your own judgement and diet requirements before following my recipes.
Black Pepper
Any fizzy drinks
Lentils (I will feature these but I am intolerant)
Anything fried
Anything battered

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