Sunny King Prawn Salad

King Prawn Salad and Spelt Bread - A Great Lunch for a Sunny Day!

Lamb lettuce, Baby Leaf, Peppery Leaves, Basil, Mint, Parsley, Tomatoes, Green & Black Olives, Spelt Bread, King Prawns, Ginger, Lemon, Rice Vinegar, Oil and Salt.
How to make it:
In a large bowl add the lamb lettuce, baby leaf, peppery leaves, basil, mint, parsley, tomatoes, green & black olives. In a small pan, add the king prawns, oil, lemon, ginger, lemongrass and rice vinegar. Cook until ready. Then let cool for at least 2 minutes before adding to the salad, to avoid mushing up the leaves. Season the salad with extra virgin olive oil and salt.
Toast a slice of spelt bread and Enjoy!

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