Friends - Surround Urself With An Open Minded Free-From Entourage. 

My Idea is Simple.

How would a Free-From episode of Friends have gone down in the 90s? Monica's Free-From, Home-Made and maybe not Very-Easy Lasagne? All those Thanksgiving Recipes, and Joey's favourite Meatball Sub Sandwich? 

I challenge you to throw your very own Free-From Friends Night In. Series marathon, free-from food based on the series' recipes, and of course many friends who share your intolerances (or some who like to stay healthy), love for good TV and understand the importance of a good night in.

Enjoy Cooking!

When you are someone living with allergies and intolerances it's positive to surround yourself with people who have similar situations, and who share your positions against certain foods, or lifestyle aspects. It will give you and others around you the motivation to stop yourself from transgressing and keep you in line with what is best for your body and soul. It will make you feel less of an alien, and you will strive to inspire each other with new healthy find, or new recipes you have invented or read about. Life is short. Choose your friends and let them be the influence that you need in you life to perform and feel your best.

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