Free-From Prawn Pad Thai

Chives, Tiger Prawns, Parsley, Rice Noodles, Soya Beans (I add these for flavour, but I cannot actually eat them), Shallot, Oil, Free-From Soya Sauce, Fish Sauce, Brown Sugar, Fish Stock, Ground Peanuts, Lime, Egg, Salt.

How to cook it:
Take a wok or a flat pan and add sliced chives, one chopped shallot, a small amount of oil, 2tbsp of free-from soya sauce, 1tbsp of fish sauce and 3tbsp of fish stock. Add also one egg, some soya beans, 1 squeezed lime juice, and 1tsp of brown sugar.
On the side bring a pot of water to boil, add salt and cook the rice noodles. Once ready, drain and add to the sauce which should be nearly ready by now. Add also the king prawns. Stir fry everything until the prawns are cooked (around 1 minute). If it starts sticking to the pan feel free to add a tiny bit more of fish stock. Taste it to see if it is sweet enough for personal taste. If not, add a bit more brown sugar and let everything infuse and stir fry together.

Serve immediately, add the ground peanuts on top, along with a touch of ground pepper and some fresh parsley leaves. Enjoy! x

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