FreeFrom: UK Consumer Trend of the Year 2014

Free From is the Fastest Growing Food Category of the Year 2014 (Top Product Survey 2014)

With Free From market growing to over £500million in the UK in 2014, below is a short video from the creators of NAKD snack bars, explaining their view behind such a sudden boost.

The healthy eating trend has evolved so much, taking FreeFrom from an unknown food ghetto to a category of fad-diets ridiculed by many to what is now finally a recognised balanced and healthy lifestyle choice by many. Amongst this FreeFrom journey, people with food allergies/intolerances and restrictions have stood by watching it all happen as we dealt with the reality of living FreeFrom everyday. Thankfully society is becoming accepting of this way of living, and realising the struggles most of us have been through due to the close mindedness of others. 
We can now rely on dedicated supermarket aisles, on understanding, on support and also on hope that the world, which was once denying this natural evolution of the human diet, is now quickly leading us to an inevitable revolution in the food and drinks industry.
We all need to play our part, and focus on moving FreeFrom from its sidelines to mainstream. For our own benefit and for the benefit of humanity.

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