Calamari alla Graticola

This is a wonderful fish dish. Easy, Quick, Delicious and Healthy.
Perfect to have out on the terrace on a sunny day or as a warming main at a dinner party.

Calamari, Lemon Juice, Sesame Oil, Garlic, Parsley, Salt & Pepper

How to Cook it:
Wash the calamari and clean the fish removing the eyes, teeth, internal black lining and bone cartilage.
In a pot mix the sesame oil and lemon juice and marinate the calamari in this sauce.
Pre-heat a grilling pan, and carefully place the calamari on it, turning them over in order to lightly grill them. Add more lemon juice and oil to the grilling calamari in order to allow them to remain tender. Cook until ready.
Serving suggestion: drizzle salt, pepper and chopped parsley.

Interesting Fact: Calamari is rich in calcium and iron. This is a perfect dish for anyone following a diet, as it is particularly low in calories.

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