Mother's Day Meal Plan

x- I Love You Mum -x

How can you measure a Mother's love?

We all know Mother's Day is coming up. If you didn't... don't worry - there is still time to get organised! 

This Sunday presents the perfect time for you to show your mum or any other mum out there, just how special she is. We all know that mums do some much for us, giving us the best gifts in the world: their love and their time. Ever since we are born, they share with us the most vital ingredient for our survival; food. From breast milk to  baby or toddler food, in whatever form it may be, one thing is for certain: they always dedicate 100% of their knowledge with us. 
Whether it's learning how to feed you as a baby, or giving you the best type of allergy-friendly food, to learning how to feed a coeliac in between forums and recipe books. 
They may not always get it right, but we all know they try. 
And they try with all their hearts.

So this Mother's Day, why don't we try to give a little bit more than just a shop-bought present? Wouldn't it be nice to treat them with a beautiful meal, prepared by you: their adoring children? I know my mum would absolutely love it!
Think of all that time and love and dedication to present her with a creative, mouth-watering meal - it's a winner for sure!

But who said that delicious and impressive meals had to take forever to make? And who said you need consult millions of recipe books or look at the back of the cupboard for that lost ingredient? We will not stand for any of the hassle!

Let's make our life a little bit easier, without compromising on the result. I invite you to impress your Mum this Sunday with our Mother's Day Meal Plan. 

It's completely Free-From, Healthy, Home-Made and absolutely Delicious!


The Sweet Choco Berry Smoothie


Starter: Risotto alla Zucca ( Pumpkin Risotto)
Main Course: Monkfish Spinach Roulette and Honeyed Parsnip Mash
Dessert: Raspberry Sorbet and our timeless Chocolate Brownies
Hot Drink to Finish: Raw Carob Coffee 


After such a filling breakfast and hearty but healthy lunch, you won't have much space left by dinner time. However, if there is a tiny gap - then we are here to fill it! Keeping it simple but delicious, we invite you to try our:
Green Vegetable Creme Blend.

May your day be filled with Smiles, Love and Happiness.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. 

Let's honour all of YOU who put US on this earth, 

because without you, 
we just wouldn't even be here. 

*reaches for tissues*

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