Artichoke & Pea Soup

Artichoke & Pea Soup

Petit Pois 1kg, 4 Artichokes, 1/2 Lemon (Juice), Pancetta, (Shallot - if you can), Oil, Vegetable Broth 1/2 litre, salt, (Pepper - if you can).
How to cook it:
Remove the hard outer artichoke leaves. Remove the spikes, and cut into slices. Immerse them in lemon juice. If you can have shallot, dice half of it and fry it slightly in a pan. Add the artichokes to the pan after sieving them from the lemon juice, and add salt. Leave to cook on slow heat and cover with a lid. If necessary, add some of the vegetable broth to avoid the artichoke from burning or sticking to the pan. Cook until they are tender, and leave to one side. 
Finely chop the pancetta and add to the other half of the shallot which will also be finely sliced. Add both to a pot, with some oil and pan-fry quickly. then add the peas along with the remaining vegetable broth. Once the peas are fully cooked, blend them in the pot, creating a nice green passata. Then add to the pot the artichokes along with any sauce they have made. Leave everything to cook for another 10 minutes, add some extra virgin oil to finish and salt as needed. If you can add some pepper as a last flavouring. Enjoy!

Interesting Fact: Both peas and artichokes contain Vitamins A & B, and Iron. Both are great sources of energy.

Photo Credit: DeAgostini Mailing

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