Poached Eggs with Home-Made Herb Sauce

Poached Eggs with Home-Made Herb Sauce

Free-Range Eggs, Watercress, Parsley, Capers, (Garlic - if you can), Pine Nuts, Sunflower Seeds, 3 tbsp Water, 2 tbsp Lemon Juice, Salt, Oil.
How to cook it:
Boil some water and add salt and vinegar. Break the eggs and add them slowly to the water. Cook them for about 3-4 minutes sieve them and rest them on kitchen paper to dry whilst we prepare the herb sauce.
To a blender add parsley, watercress, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, water, lemon juice, and salt. (and garlic if you can) Blend to create a nice creamy texture. If necessary add more water. Place the eggs on a plate and add the sauce on top. To finish sprinkle some capers, and add fresh parsley as decoration. Enjoy!

Interesting Fact: Watercress has dietary and detoxifying elements. By chewing the fresh leaves you tone the gums and help heal mouth ulcers.

Photo Credit: DeAgostini Mailing

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