Booja-Booja Free-From Ice-Cream

I have finally found it! The almighty Free-From Ice-Cream!
Over time I have learnt to give up on dessert altogether. Apart from the odd bit of dark chocolate and sliced fruit, I have a profound dislike for the 'Dessert Course' because no one ever has anything that I can have. There is always some 'evil' ingredient. So when eating out I tend to be the 'starters' kinda of girl instead. Nowadays I much prefer it and I have to say that looking at all these cakes and pastries I actually don't miss it one bit. The stomach pain I would have as a reaction to indulging in one of these desserts is definitely not worth the taste pleasure of any third course dish. 
You can believe my reaction when...
I couldn't believe my eyes as my mother took this out of the freezer as a surprise. 

It is so yummy. Totally guilt-free in calories and ingredients. I'll let you stare at the packaging information in dismay for yourself. Take as much time as you like. It's real. It exist. We can now have Ice-Cream. Dark Chocolate Ice-Cream. 
Try it. Enjoy it!
PS: It also come in many different flavours.
Here is their website for more information:

Water, Agave Syrup, Cashew Nuts, Cocoa Powder.

PS: They sell it in Waitrose/Ocado and Whole Food Markets. What are you waiting for?

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