Mornflake Great British Porridge Challenge

I have very exciting news for all of you and it revolves around our most important meal of the day: Breakfast!

A superb porridge competition. 
Enter below to win a fabulous Mornflake Hamper with:

- Mornflake Organic Porridge Oats
- Mornflake Jumbo Oats
- Mornflake Superfast Oats
- Mornflake Extra Crispy Muesli
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Think you know your oats? Well it’s time to hit the stove, as Simon Rimmer puts the Nation’s porridge culinary skills to the ultimate test, with the Mornflake Great British Porridge Challenge! 

Today's giveaway competition is all around porridge.

Such an excellent breakfast option, especially when you use almond milk. 
Here is the Sweetheart Porridge recipe recommended by Mornflake. I have borrowed it and replaced the normal milk in their recipe with almond milk for mine.
It is just as delicious and just as nutritious:

Recipe details:
This recipe uses the natural sweetness of berries topped with the sweet treat of white chocolate. 
Serves: Two
Cooking & preparation time: 6 mins

15g white chocolate
80g Mornflake jumbo oats
200ml almond milk
200ml cold water
80g frozen berries
1 dessertspoon runny British honey

How to Cook it:
Coarsely grate the white chocolate and set aside.  
Into a deep saucepan place the oats, water and almond milk.
Then put the saucepan over a high heat and cook for 2 mins stirring constantly.
Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook the oats for a further 2-3 mins or until you have a nice creamy Porridge.
Pour the Porridge into two bowls.
Swirl the frozen berries into the Porridge (they will be like little frozen fruit pops!).
Top with a swirl of honey.
Finally garnish with the grated chocolate and serve hot to your sweetheart for breakfast. 

The top TV chef and Britain’s oldest family oat miller, Mornflake Cereals, are urging porridge fans to share their oaty masterpieces, for a chance to take part in the first ever ‘Porridge Stir-Off’, at the home of Mornflake Oats, in Cheshire, on Saturday 5th April.
“The Mornflake Great British Porridge Challenge is a true celebration of what has been the food of the Nation for centuries and you don’t have to be a master chef to enter – we’re just looking for exciting and delicious flavour combinations." - Simon Rimmer
Above: Simon Rimmer

The ‘Stir-Off’ will take place in the scenic, 13th Century Bunbury Water Mill, near Mornflake Cereals, where the winning recipe will be chosen by Simon, Porridge guru and Golden Spurtle winner, Anna Louise Batchelor (aka the Porridge Lady), together with Mornflake MD, John Lea.
The winner of the 'Stir Off' will enjoy:
Gourmet Evening-for-two, hosted by Simon, at his Cheshire restaurant, Earle.
A year’s worth of Mornflake Porridge Oats.
An all-expenses paid trip to enter their recipe into the Golden Spurtle World Porridge Championships, in Scotland.
The recipe will also feature in Mornflake’s annual Oat Recipe Book.

The ‘Stir-Off’ final will take place in the scenic, 13th Century Bunbury Water Mill, near Mornflake Cereals, where the winning recipe will be chosen by Simon and a panel of porridge experts.

Here is what you need to do:

To enter, simply upload a video clip or picture of your oaty masterpiece, with full recipe details, to the Mornflake web page at where you can also find full competition Terms and Conditions. Closing date is Thursday the 6th March at midnight, with the Stir Off Final on Saturday 6th April.

I look forwards to seeing you at the Stir Off final.

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